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Keep moving forward 

Kiwis are working longer. Stress is on the rise. This is costing businesses and individuals. 

However, employers have the ability to create work environments which positively impact their employees. If you or your organisation want to do things differently, we’re here to help. Evolve assists organisations in supporting their staff in leading well-rounded lives, knowing that doing so benefits the individual and the organisation. 

Achieving sustainable and meaningful productivity comes from enabling employees to lead their best lives. This means allowing them time to care for themselves and incorporating this self-care into the workplace. Because wellbeing isn't about work-life balance. It's about cultivating happiness both at work and at home.

We offer a variety of corporate yoga, pilates and mindfulness programs and classes that assist your team in creating healthier bodies and minds. 

Evolve will keep you moving forward. 






Occupational burnout 

We know people are less productive when they are experiencing occupational burnout (i.e. stress, tiredness, long hours and excessive pressure). If your people aren't performing at their best, then your business isn't getting full value. 

We want to help you work smarter. Not harder. 

Evolve knows what needs to be done, and can boost productivity, while helping your staff lead better lives. 



46% of staff go to work sick, despite clear communication from employers to stay at home. 


Lost time

 In 2016 New Zealand lost 6.6 million workdays and $1.51 billion due to absence.



High workloads are the most common cause of workplace fatigue, stress and anxiety with 91% of people experiencing one of the three at work.



Stress is up by a net 22.9% across New Zealand businesses since 2014.