Corporate yoga and mindfulness | Wellington, New Zealand

Focus on your team

Evolve makes gaining an overall sense of wellbeing achievable and sustainable. Whether you've had a longstanding corporate wellness program, or you're just getting started, we'll take you a step further. 

Our classes are suitable for all levels. We take the intimidation out of yoga and pilates practice and the ‘hippie’ out of mindfulness.



Staying clam can be challenging at the best of times. We’ll help your team cut through complexity, overwhelm and noise to better manage stress and find a greater sense of purpose at work. 


It's easy to make mistakes and poor decisions when we're stressed and overworked. Our offerings will encourage your team to take time and give themselves the space to re-approach their work with greater clarity and rationality.  


Multi-tasking and constantly operating on auto-pilot can leave us feeling overwhelmed and scattered. Through both movement and mindfulness we'll help create space for your team to move through tasks with focus. 


Working environments can be complex. Navigating challenges at a fast-pace in collaboration with other humans can be demanding. We focus on assisting your people in creating more awareness and connection with themselves and with those around them.  


Our guarantee 

We understand the constraints and requirements of corporate environments, and know how to work with them. We’re not all oms and kombayahhs (unless you feel like it), we provide a professional service that is appropriate in a corporate context. 

Our team of skilled teachers and facilitators will guide the way. You can rest assured you'll have a great experience. 

You can count on us to be:



Good at what we do

Understanding about the realities of a working environment


Get to know us


CAROLINE MOREAU-HAMMOND | Yoga and mindfulness teacher, Director

Caroline's ability to get things done with grace and intention has always been at the forefront of her day to day. Caroline has a passion for working with organisations that take care of their people and push against operational norms.

Caroline’s background in dance introduced her to yoga as an important tool for building resilience and balance. Taking a holistic approach to health, she sees keeping active as essential for both mental and physical wellbeing. By becoming aware of physical habits, Caroline uses yoga to help individuals identify more clearly the habits of the mind, which either promote or prevent optimal states of wellbeing and ease.

RYT 200, yin, vinyasa & hot (Hot Yoga Wellington), Ovio Mindfulness Facilitator.

Outside of Evolve, Caroline works full-time as a management consultant. She is currently teaching at two Wellington studios. Check out her teaching schedule here.


ANNA COCHRANE | Pilates Instructor

Thrive Pilates Owner, Studio Pilates Instructor (Polestar), BHSc (Paramedic), Guinness World Record Holder.

Rarely one to "do" life conventionally, Anna's first career was within the skydive industry, gaining her skydiving license at 16 years of age. In 2006, her passion for sport and movement led her to undertake the Polestar Pilates qualification while living in Perth. On completion in 2008, Anna became an instructor at Movementor Pilates in Christchurch and has now taught at numerous studios across Australia and New Zealand. Anna has been instructing in Wellington since 2013 while simultaneously completing a Bachelor of Health Science (Paramedic). She currently works for Wellington Free Ambulance as an Ambulance Officer.

Anna has also performed and taught circus aerial silks since 2008. She is well known for her high flying aerial stunts including performing the world's highest aerial hoop routine (suspended from a paraglider) and holds a Guinness World Record for the Highest Static Trapeze Act (performed below a hot air balloon).